Vyrnwy Frankton connection

Connecting renewable energy to homes and businesses to address the climate emergency.

The Welsh and UK Governments have set clear targets for more renewable energy, helping to stop the climate change that is threatening our livelihoods, landscapes, and wildlife.

In Mid Wales, the existing electricity network does not have the capacity to connect new renewables to homes and businesses. To end the use of fossil fuels we need new infrastructure and quickly.

Green GEN Cymru is proposing a new substation site in the Powys uplands, near Cefn Coch, and an overhead line through the Vyrnwy Valley to connect new renewable energy to the existing electricity network near Lower Frankton, helping to address the climate emergency. We're proposing 27 metre steel lattice pylons. These are much shorter and less bulky than the pylons proposed previously in the area by National Grid – any visual impacts are significantly reduced as a result.

We know people have different views on new infrastructure and pylons in the landscape. We're focused on minimising disturbance to the environment and those who live, work, and enjoy recreation close to our proposals. We'll develop our project sensitively and consider if any of the connection needs to be placed underground in response to ongoing assessments and consultation feedback.

Powering a positive energy

We want to make sure Wales has the energy it needs in a Net Zero world.

There's endless potential for renewable energy in Wales - particularly from the wind that blows across our hills and mountains. But the green energy is stuck in the windy areas of Wales, and we need to get it to the homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, and communities that need it. To respond to this challenge and meet Welsh Government's target for 100% renewable electricity in Wales by 2035, we're developing a stronger, more resilient renewable electricity network that is greatly needed in Wales - distributing clean, green energy.

We want to build a positive, clean future for us all. Without the right infrastructure, delivering Wales' Net Zero vision is simply not possible.

Project animation

Watch our project film to find out more about the project, and why it is essential.

Our preferred route

We have organised our proposals into a linear map of the project with only the preferred route as a line, more information about each section and what has influenced our decisions can be found on our preferred route page.

Our preferred route map

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