The Project

Our proposals

The existing electricity network does not have the capacity to connect the proposed energy parks.

Green GEN Cymru is providing a new connection so the energy generated can be used in homes and businesses, locally and nationally.

The new connection needs to have sufficient capacity to carry the energy from potential onshore wind developments in Mid Wales.

Llyn Lort Energy Park is currently being consulted on by Bute Energy. The proposed Vyrnwy Frankton connection would provide a connection for this energy park, as well as others planned in Mid Wales. More information on Llyn Lort Energy Park and its consultation is available.

We've assessed options for how and where to connect the new energy parks to the existing electricity network, looking at options in Shropshire, North and South Wales.

A collector substation and a new 132 kV connection to the national transmission network in Shropshire is most efficient way to do this - it would provide capacity for 'Llyn Lort and other proposed windfarms' in Mid Wales and avoid the need for a network of many, smaller individual connections.

We also assessed options for a route for the new connection. While developing the proposed route we considered the Holford Rules, which set out principles for routeing overhead lines, including choosing natural backgrounds rather than sky backgrounds, and using open valleys with wooded areas rather than areas at height.

We're proposing 27 metre steel lattice pylons. These are much shorter and less bulky than the pylons proposed previously in the area by National Grid - any visual effects are significantly less as a result.

Project animation

Watch our project film to find out more about the project, and why it is essential.

Our preferred route

We have organised our proposals into a linear map of the project with only the preferred route as a line, more information about each section and what has influenced our decisions can be found on our preferred route page.

Our preferred route map

The planning process

Proposed new 132kV overhead line projects that are more than 2km in length and are partly in England and partly in Wales are classified as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).

Developers of NSIPs must apply to the UK Government, via the Planning Inspectorate, for a development consent order to build and operate their projects. This process places several requirements on developers including thorough environmental assessment, and consultation with communities and stakeholders.

As our current proposals are for overhead lines we are following this process. You can read more about the planning process here.

Our consultation in autumn 2023 was the first in a two stage process - there will be a second consultation in 2024.

Wind farm connecting to the route

Project timeline


September 2023 - First public consultation


Second public consultation


Submit our development consent order for review


Earliest the application would be decided


Construction begins if the project is consented


Vyrnwy Frankton connection is operational


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