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Landowner and Occupiers

Green GEN Cymru is dedicated to building strong partnerships with landowners and occupiers while developing our proposal for Green GEN Vyrnwy Frankton.

Our appointed land agents, WSP, will engage with individual landowners on all matters.

Planning assessment

The planning process requires us to complete comprehensive environmental surveys to support the environmental impact assessment. The surveys are a key part of understanding the potential effects of our proposals and assessing options to manage these effects.

The assessments are a formal requirement of any Nationally Significant Infrastructure project, which our proposals for a new 132 kV overhead line will be. It will allow us to develop a detailed proposal for the overhead line route.

These surveys will typically involve a small number of specialist contractors entering certain areas of land to undertake a range of archaeological, environmental and engineering surveys. A request to undertake surveys on any piece of land does not mean that it will necessarily form part of the route or have infrastructure placed on it.

Some ecological and environmental surveys can only be carried out at specific times of the year due to wildlife activity.

We want to work with landowners on our proposals to discuss land use and access. Our preference is always to agree voluntary access and we greatly appreciate the cooperation of landowners who have agreed access to their land for these assessments.

Agreeing to survey does not restrict the landowner’s ability to respond to the project consultation.

Keep in touch

If you are a landowner and would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Lands team on:

Tel: 0161 200 9856

Landowner documents

Landowner payments
Payment information for new electricity infrastructure

Environmental and Engineering Surveys leaflet - Phase one consultation 2024 - Green GEN Cymru
Environmental and Engineering Surveys leaflet

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